The Gold Green Achiever Scheme

Green Achiever 'Gold' Green Achiever 'Gold' Gold - Green Achiever

The natural progression from Silver, is to go for Gold – the most challenging and sought after award. There are a few progressive steps that need to be taken that follow on from the Silver award.

We will need to check that you have actioned steps taken
at the silver level including:-

  • Establish how your Environment Policy has worked and whether it is still up to date with your business activities
  • Establish that you are still conforming to any relevant legislation
  • Recalculate your Carbon Footprint and look for improvements and methods of reporting
  • Consider offsetting at least 25% of your Carbon Emissions
  • Verify that targets have been met in your 12 month action plan
  • Set out and declare your actions for the next 12months
  • Contact your suppliers to inform them of your current status and to request sight of their environmental policy

To verify that the above has been completed we will visit you at your site. We will continue to help and guide you to reduce your environmental impacts and keep you ahead of environmental and climate change legislation which will be upon us in the near future. This will allow you to take the upper ground and gain a commercial advantage.

The Gold Green Achiever Award will then necessitate an annual visit to keep you up to date and to help you make the most of your efforts, making it commercially good and environmentally remarkable.

Our fees are:-

For companies with twenty employees or less £500 (+VAT & Expenses)

For companies with twenty one employees or more £750 (+VAT & Expenses)

What Do You Get On completion?
By completing this stage of the award you will have a greater appreciation and understanding about your environmental impacts and how they are intrinsically tied in with all of your business activities. This will enable you to control them.
You will also begin to understand which issues are important to your customers and suppliers and work this to your advantage through the Green Achiever.

  • Your organisation will receive a CERTIFICATE to show that you are making a positive change to improve your environmental credentials
  • You will be able to use the Gold logo on your products and point of sale items
  • Registration and declaration of your commitments will be placed on the website
  • A FREE monthly newsletter to keep you abreast of important environmental news
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Keep in touch with your planet at Carbon Earth
For the latest information on Environmental Legislation you can look at E4 Environment
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