Severn Valley Windows and Doors 10/09/2015

"We at Severn Valley Windows and Doors have been committed to reducing our environmental impact over the last 5 years. We were awarded a 3 star rating in 2011 and advanced to the highest 5 star rating by 2015. The Green Achiever framework has led to huge reductions in our environmental impacts, from offsetting our carbon and using a renewable energy provider to joining the Bike 2 Work Scheme and increasing local biodiversity on site. We also now use water saving devices, sensor lighting and recycle extensively. Green Achiever has allowed for clear progress through a continuous improvement strategy that we can keep on record should our clients want proof of our commitment."

Johnson Fleming Ltd 14/09/2015

"Over the years, after implementing environmentally friendly changes, we have progressed from a 2 star to a 3 star rating with Green Achiever. Our Self-Assessed status has led us to implement a system for recycling items and to increase the variety of waste streams we recycle to include electrical equipment, plastic film and containers, computers, monitors, food waste, metal cans and batteries. We have also started to buy recycled furniture, cardboard and packaging, as well as to monitor our water consumption. Green Achiever has shown us that despite not being environmental experts, it is possible to reduce our carbon footprint through a series of small steps."

24/08/2013 - Liftworks Ltd

“We have been with Green Achiever since 2010 and achieved our Silver award on the 16th of July 2013. We joined the Green Achiever scheme due to the increasingly tight environmental regulations in our industry. The Silver award means we stay compliant and can also show our customers and stakeholders that we are committed to reducing our environmental impact”

08/09/2013 - Lift and Engineering Services Ltd

"The added value of attaining Green Achiever gold status is the recognition it provides for our day-to-day practice on the ground. In addition, we receive on-going environmental advice throughout the year, supporting LES’ aim of reducing its environmental impact.”

02/09/2013 - GreenZone Cleaning

"Although we already have our ISO 14001 accreditation, we signed up to the Green Achiever Scheme as the Gold award provides us with a continuous improvement strategy. This accreditation has also guided us on how to reduce our environmental impact on a day-to-day basis – from ground level operations to bigger projects”.

03/04/2012 - Sherrington Waste Management

"Ensuring we are aware of and continually improving our environmental performance is vital in our business. Our contractors demand that we demonstrate this in what some see as a ‘dirty’ business. Gold Green Achiever status has helped us retain contracts.”

06/08/2011 - Evans Cycles

"Although not experts, Evans Cycles is concerned about the environment. Being a Green Achiever has provided us with areas to focus on and improve. As a result we have reduced waste, costs and our impact on the environment.”

27/03/2012 - Chequers

“As we are a transport company, it is important to address our environmental impact and reduce our emissions. The Green Achiever scheme has given us valuable information on how to continuously improve our operations and keep our carbon footprint low”.

Why do manufacturers go green? by 'This is Manufacturing'

‘Why do manufacturers go green?’, which Junction K has produced for www.ThisIsManufacturing.co.uk on behalf of the Northwest Regional Development Agency.
'This is Manufacturing' 4th March 2010

Rolawn Testimonial – Gold Award

“Green Achiever gave us a framework for continual environmental improvement so to be awarded Gold status recognizes the steps the company has taken; from our sustainable and recycled topsoil products to our highly efficient turf operation.”

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